About us

Balbalika English secondary school came in its inception to provide standardized quality education at affordable fees by fully dedicated, much efficient & well experienced faculty members in peaceful, conductive & inspiring environment. Located in Devdol, Balkot, the central part of bhaktapur, the school has got lovely, dynamic, ideal school environment & spacious premises. It is also free from noise & stress of the city. Since its inception, the school has proved to be a unique institution in the sense of academic programs as well as the output transmitted to society. It is already well known to everyone that the school has been succeeding in achieving excellent result in SLC board since 2054 BS. Established in 2046 BS, the school aimed to give quality education focusing in practical learning.

Our Moto:

“Learning by doing”

Our Mission

To offer the students an educational environment that enhances learning, enlightens their minds & transforms their personalities in a caring environment through innovative approaches.

Our Objectives

-> To impart quality education.

-> To develop compentence through natural exposure.

-> To provide students with adequate opportunities for academic development.

-> To counsel for career development through academic excellence.